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australian gold

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Congratulations to Australia which is the most liveable country on our planet.  The Economist has just published its Liveability Index for 2014 and Australia has 4 cities in the Top 10 with Melbourne at No.1.  Canada also does well with 3 cities, while Europe only has 2 cities in the Top 10.


re-imagining the high street

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shopping survey

We are involved in an exciting high street development project, and would like to get your thoughts on it.  Many thanks if you are able to fill in our short survey


making it in scotland

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scottish makers

It is always good to hear about the many and varied manufacturing businesses in the UK.  To add to this engaging narrative is the diligent research of Make Works in Scotland which has been hunting down Scottish makers and manufacturers through an extensive road trip across the country (in a tartan volkswagen campervan of course).   A great initiative to keep production local.


invest in cities

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green light city

A very useful read for cities wanting to attract infrastructure investment is Investor Ready Cities produced by  Siemens, PWC and Berwin Leighton Paisner.

Our favourite take out from the report on pg 96:

“A city’s ability to deliver the necessary urban infrastructure for sustainable and effective growth is intrinsically linked to its ability to attract and retain capital, both in terms of human resources and talent as well as financial capital.  At a time of intense competition between cities, the ability to attract such mobile capital will define success.

To deliver sustainable urban infrastructure, and to attract the necessary investment, a coherent narrative, supported by an investment ready legal and regulatory framework, is needed around funding which will increase the chance of a successful financing.”


shanghai investment promotion partnership

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shanghai SIPP

It was a pleasure last week to meet up with senior executives from Invest Shanghai, and to hear about the Shanghai Investment Promotion Partnership (SIPP) which is a partnership platform to facilitate co-operation, communication and service delivery with overseas investment promotion agencies (IPAs) for both inbound and outbound investment.  Shanghai is the largest city in the world; the world’s number one FDI destination; and is increasingly becoming a significant source of outbound investment.  So it is a no-brainer for overseas IPAs to get involved with Invest Shanghai’s SIPP.


ipa forum 2014

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helsinki event

Helsinki is hosting the Baltic Sea Region IPA Forum 9 & 10 June.  Organised by One BSR this will be a useful event for investment promotion agencies wanting to learn about the latest trends and best practices in inward investment.


ict in europe

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Most companies want to locate where the action is, and for a knowledge-based sector such as information and communication technologies (ICT), where the people and businesses are concentrated is usually of great interest.  The EU has recently produced a report on Europe’s ICT hotspots.  A lot of impressive number crunching has been undertaken for this study, and it is interesting to see that most of Europe’s ICT activity takes place in 34 regions across 12 countries – a total of 1,303 regions were examined for the study.  The report identifies the top three ICT locations in Europe as:

  1. Munich – Kreisfreie Stadt area
  2. London – Inner East area
  3. Paris


place branding

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Cork Branding

Cork is developing its place branding and wants you to participate: Cork Brand Descriptor  Welcome to Cork!


competitive alternatives

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competitive alternatives

For those wanting to learn more about international business location costs, a useful report has been published today by KPMG.  The Competitive Alternatives 2014 report is particularly interesting for the 19 industry-specific business operations costs analysis.  Definitely number crunching joy for your inner geek.


european tech locations

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european tech locations

As the debate continues about which city is the number one tech location in Europe, property advisers Colliers International have produced a very useful report Media & Technology iQ which examines how the tech industry is impacting on the property market in Europe, and where the tech activity is happening.

In the report London is viewed as Europe’s number one tech hotspot, with Berlin ranked in second place and Dublin in third.  Rising tech stars highlighted, include Cork, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Manchester, Stockholm and Tallinn.

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